Monday, February 10, 2014

Stylish Valentine's Date Outfits- Pictures Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Everyone wants to look special on their date night! Especially these chic bloggers and celebs who shows how to pull of a few options on dressing to impress on your date. Whether you decide to go monochrome or just go with the classic red dress, it all depends on how you wear the outfit. Enjoy and comment on your favorite!

Emily Ratajkowski

Laura Whitmore

Miranda Kerr

Jessica Hart

Jamie Chung

Lily Aldridge

Jessica Alba

Karlie Kloss

Zoe Saldana

Zina Charkoplia (Blogger)- Fashion Vibe

Peony Lim (Blogger)- Peony Lim

Denni Alias (Blogger)- Chic Muse

Jennifer Grace (Blogger)- The Native Fox

Jessica Stein (Blogger)- Tuula Vintage

Kristina Bazan (Blogger)- Kayture

Chiara Ferragni (Blogger)- The Blonde Salad

Aimee Song (Blogger)- Song of Style

Jane Aldridge (Blogger)- Sea of Shoes

Beauty Hacks

Hello I am going to talk about beauty hacks!I am going to be only telling you 4 of my personal favourites every time I write about beauty hacks.
Lets start!

1.Turn a regular eye pencil to a gel liner in a few seconds.
I saw this hacks on I would recommend you to go there.The picture explains al of it.I some times do this trick and it does work.

2.Use a rubber band to touch up your french tip
I love this hack because you don't have to go to the salon to get a french tip you can do it at home.

3.Get 3D lips by adding a little bit of frosted eye shadow.
This is also a tip from The Beauty Department.I found that this really works but you just have to find the right powder.

That is all I will be writing more of this beauty hack so look out for that.
Thx and Bye!!!

Gift Ideas for Valentines(Beauty Edition)

So today I will be talking about beauty gift ideas for girls.This will be a mixture of beauty and fragrance so yeah.
Lets Start!


This will vary from a person to another.Some people like the sweet scent and some like the musky scent. So if you are a dude you should pay attention to your girlfriend favourite perfume.

2.Too Faced Choco Bar:

I think every girl should get this as their Valentine days gift.


This also will vary to the persons likings.

4.Beauty Gift Set:

If you are someone who doesn't know a girl very well this will be a great gift because they might end up trying some of the product and like it.Some gift sets can be quite expensive so keep in mind.

That is all I can think of!!LOL
Thx Bye!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Gift Ideas

Soon Valentines day is coming up and personally I do not have a significant other to celebrate it with so I thought probably if you or your boy friends are needing ideas you could read this post!!For single people out there valentines day is a day to love yourself and your family.
Ok Lets Start!!
1.A Box Of Goodies They Like:

This is a great gift because if you don't want to spend like tons of money on dinner and other things you can just buy tons of chocolates or candies they like and shove it in a box.It is very affordable and easy to make.Also it can be personalised.

2.Blue tooth Speakers:

You can never go wrong with this gift because who doesn't like their music loud.Also no plug inns just by blue tooth.You don't have to buy the really expensive ones.

3.Electronic Casing:

What I mean by this is like iPad/pod casing and stuff...

4.Wish List:

So what you have to do is make your partner write a list of things they want and you will choose one of them for valentines day.

So that is it I know there are more ideas I could give but I only have time for 4 ideas!!Thanks!!

Street Style: Nikki Reed's Edgy-Classy Combo- Picture Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

I love Nikki's combo of feminine and cool! She does it perfectly by pairing a lace top with a leather detail skirt! Since she wanted those 2 pieces to stand out, she stuck with subtle footwear via strappy pumps. Comment on this look!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inspiring Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas- Pictures Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

All a girl wants is to look great on Valentine's Day for that special someone, whether you do have one or not. Here are some ideas and pieces to get you started. Enjoy and comment on your favorite.

Slip Dress- Flatter your figure with this very comfortable dress!

Blazer- Wear it with your LBD to make it look a little more polished!

LBD- You can't go wrong with the classics!

Red Clutch- Add a pop of red to an all black outfit!

Red Lace Pumps

Aimee Song (Blogger)- Song of Style

Sara Escudero(Blogger)- Collage Vintage

Danielle Bernstein (Blogger)- We Wore What

Shoes that Every Girl Should Own- PIctures Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Everyone needs a few good pair of essential shoes... Here they are.... Enjoy!

Brown Leather Boots



Ankle Boots

Printed Pumps

Nude Pumps

Classic Black Pumps

Skin Care Remedies

Today I will be talking about skin care remedies. There will be a lot of different remedies for different    things.

1.Olive oil can be used as a natural eye makeup remover
2.When mixed with a little bit of water and applied on a breakout, baking soda can be used as a spot treatment.
3.Apply lemon juice to an acne scar for 3 times in a week and the acne scar will heal and lighten them.

4.Putting sliced tomato on your skin is a powerful sunburn remedies.

Thats all Bye!!!