Monday, December 16, 2013

About Nissa

Hi,I'm Nissa or Anissa.Well personally I do not know my role in the team but I help post everything on this blog and talk about beauty so yeah.....My life has been different since I have found makeup.I have been dreaming of making a Blog together with my best friends.But I also love watching or reading about makeup and beauty in general.I have been obsessed with soooo many things this past couple years like brands like Benefit.I wish that you guys can be inspired to do what you want to do!!
Luv u...

About Sharon

Hi, I’m Sharon. I’m the co-editor here at Fashion and Beauty Confessions. I’m the person in charge of finding out and writing about fashion for this blog. Fashion makes my world go round! I love finding out the latest trends or the hot new fashions that are on the runways. My main goal in life is to become a fashion  editor at a magazine called Teen Vogue. That job basically consists of going to runway shows, looking at the latest trends, writing articles, and hopefully styling for some magazine photo shoots! I wish to inspire readers and aspiring fashionistas through the articles I write.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Style Inspiration #1

I have lots of style inspirations but I’m just going to name a few. My number one style inspiration is Alexa Chung. Her style is really cool downtown, street chic and it just looks so effortless. My other style inspiration is Jessica Alba. I love her style because it looks really edgy and youthful. Her style is a little bit punk rock inspired, just like the Tory Burch collaboration fishtail dress she wore at the Met Gala. It had this really cool dark blue color that glammed up the whole look, while the cutouts totally edged it up. My final style inspiration is Olivia Palermo. Her style is just like my style because it has its cool moments and its elegant moments. She also has ways to incorporate them together and the end result: total chicness (don’t think that’s a word). All in all, inspiration for style can come from everywhere and it can totally reflect on your own style too.

-          Sharon

Welcome to Fashion&Beauty Confessions

Hi me and my team would like to welcome you to our blog.In this blog we will be talking about beauty and fashion generally but we will also talk about other things such as lifestyle.In our team there are 3 people that you can hear from, either me(Nissa), Sharon or Putri.Hope you like Our Blog!!