Saturday, April 5, 2014

Street Style Weekly: Fresh Spring Read Outfits- Pictures Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Ah, spring is here! The fresh air of this cheery season is sure to bring some outfit inspiration. Here are some outfits you can totally have fun with. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Lucas Pawpaw Ointment

Hi there today I will be reviewing the Lucas Pawpaw Ointment.

 A lot of you might know what this product is but for people who do not know what this product is for it is for healing wounds, rashes, chapped lips and others. This product has Pawpaw (Papaya) in it.
I know to get this product can be hard but I would say that you won't regret buying it later on. Personally I really like to use it when my lips are very chapped. I have tried it for rashes before and it works just fine. For people who hasn't tried this yet I would totally recommend this to you all.


Friday, March 21, 2014

St.Patric's day Nails

So last time we did a nail tutorial it is about Valentines day.So today its about St Patric's Day!!

What you need:
A mint green polish
Base coat
Top coat
Gold glitter
Clear polish

1.Apply a layer of base coat.
2.Apply the mint green polish on your thumb finger , index finger, ring finger a pinky.
3.Apply second layer if needed.
4.On your middle finger add clear polish and right away add glitter.
5.Apply top coat on all fingers.

Final Product:
You can add the glitter on any finger!!

Thats it thanks!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tip of the Day!!!- Add some color to your work wardrobe!!!: Pictures Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Here are some great ways to look awesome instead of dreary at work. Enjoy!

Add a pop of color to your outfit via accessories!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekly Review:The Balm Meet Matt(e)

Soo sorry that I forgot to post last weeks post so I am going to write a review today and tomorrow!
Today I will be reviewing Meet Matte!!
So on another post I had a short review on this but I just love this palette so much.  So I love this palette because it has colors that look great on my skin color. So when I use this palette I would use the neutral colors and add a little but of the navy color for a simple eye liner. This is one of those pallets that are easy to make a natural look!!


Posting Scedule

Me, Sharon and some of our other friends have a final schedule that we will be following!!

Friday & Sundays

Wednesday & Saturday

Beginning of every month

Tuesday's & Thursday are our days off ( Just too much HW!Hope you understand! )!!!
Monday's are only for special occasions!!

If we decide to make any changes we will inform all of you!!